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Restricted to Qualified

Tuba City Boarding School  &

Tuba City Primary School Students

Family Resource Program

More than just giving out food.  The St. Jude Food Bank assists families with income tax preparations for current and prior years, SNAP applications, job search, household finance coaching and much more.  Service available by appointment only. More


Emergency Food Program

This program provides assistance to low income families in need of immediate food support due to an emergency or a recurring financial hardship. Qualified clients receive one box per month per household. We also provide support for individuals living with food insecurity and needing support for the day. More


​​Food & Resource Programs​


Healthy Beginnings Program

Healthy Beginnings Program This programs supports families with children under six years of age. Nutritious food for the whole family plus food designed to support young eaters, diapers formula, milk, hygiene items are provided. Limited to one box per family per month. This is an income and age qualified program. Proof of children's ages and custody are required. Available in Tuba City. More



Snack Pack Program

 This school year program is provided for at-risk students in grades K-3. Children identified by teacher or school counselors as living with food insecurity on the weekend are given a backpack of food items.

Once a child is identified, any sibling up to 8th grade is included in the food distribution.  More


Senior Citizen Food Program

Seniors aged 60 and older, living on a fixed income below the Federal Poverty Guide-lines may receive one food box each month. As many extras as possible are provided. More


Bargain Box

This co-op food program is available to all members of the community with no eligibility requirements. Sold  $25 cash or food stamps, the Bargain Box offers a balanced selection of food that encourages healthy eating. The contents of the box would cost between $55and $65 at the grocery store. This program allows clients to manage and stretch limited food budgets and provides healthy food alternatives. More