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St. Jude Food Bank

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Life Sharing Center, Inc. as St. Jude Food Bank is governed by a local Board of Directors.

2014 – 2015 Board of Directors

Sr. Pacita Calica, DC, Chair

Catholic Indian Center

Ms. Kathy Charley

 Coconino County Public Health

Sr. Betty Marie Dunkel, DC

Corporate Board 

Ms. Karen Hockins

Tuba City Boarding School 

Mr. Harry D. Brown Jr.

 Peabody Coal

Sr. Maria Hoa Nguyen,

DC Give Me A Chance, Inc.

Sr. Elizabeth Racko, DC

Prison Ministry

Sr. Mary Ann Tippett, DC

St. Vincent’s, Santa Barbara

St. Jude Food Bank Mission Statement

"The mission of St. Jude food Bank is to make nutritious food available to those living with food insecurity on the tribal lands we serve, and promote self-sufficiency through education, advocacy and coalition building."

St. Jude Food Bank Vision Statement:

That no one, especially children and the elderly, be hungry in-spite of geographic, economic, physical or emotional conditions.

Our Journey

The Food Bank began in 1994, utilizing a small closet in the pastor’s house. Two years later in 1996, the operation was moved into the garage as the number of people asking for help increased. What started as neighborly food assistance soon became more formal as the Daughters of Charity were asked to come to Tuba City to help with the ministry. As the need for emergency and other food assistance continued to grow throughout the region, it became evident that a larger site and additional cold storage space were needed. In 2001, we moved into a new 80 X 24 foot facility and formed a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Life Sharing Center, Inc. doing business as St. Jude Food Bank, became the first and only non-profit food bank on the reservation. In the years following a 30X50 dry storage warehouse and community garden were added, allowing for increased storage and the growing of healthy fruits and vegetables for our clients. Today, the Food Bank provides support to over 1200 families a month from the Tuba City site and our mobile pantry which travels to the more remote areas of the region we serve.

St. Jude Food Bank is located in Tuba City, Arizona on the far western border of the Navajo Nation and serves all persons coming to us for help. A portion of three Native American tribal reservations conjoin in the region; Western Navajo, Western Hopi and Southern Paiute. The St. Jude Food Bank is a sponsored ministry of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. St. Jude Food Bank is a 501(c)(3) corporation and designated by the State of Arizona as a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Operations are funded through grants, donations and fundraisers. We employ 7 members of the community part-time. Daughters of Charity offer their service at no charge to the Food Bank. The Daughters of Charity and our local Board of Directors feel strongly our call to help those living with food insecurity, especially the most vulnerable. We are also called to help those we serve build a more secure life for themselves. We do this by partnering with local organizations and citizens in strategic initiatives aimed at creating sustainable food systems and encouraging self reliance.